Our country , Our rules !

Few months ago, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

He was sitting in his room after a long working day , thinking about his life , how he lost the grip of it , wondering if this is the right thing to do , giving up what he believed in and all the aspects that made him an individual , staring at a blank white space on his laptop ,trying to write out what he felt ,his fingers started moving on the keyboard saying” it was once said that Wallowing in misfortune is not only dull; it is disrespectful to your intellect. It is a clue to the fact that you have lost perspective on your own life” but what if you really lost the perspective on your own life, what if nothing is making sense anymore, what If you woke up one day to realize that who you are, what you were doing along with all your dreams and ideas that defines you has turned out to be Nothing, as if they never happened.”

This is it and this is  how it is going to be , there is nothing to be done , so he shall accept his life or how he liked to call it at the time “his series of unfortunate events”

16 days ago, Alexandria, Egypt.

He woke up feeling different as he knew this is the day , it is the 25th of January, 2011 , the day he has been dreaming about for months , yes he was skeptical that it will amount for nothing  but deep inside he decided to be a part of whatever is going to happen , he needed to be heard , he needed to prove to himself before anyone else that he exists , his dreams are legit and he can stand up for what he believes in , he knew that all his problems and worries are the direct result of a corrupt regime that has been ruling his own country , implementing a rotten culture that affected every aspect of his existence  for years..

He went out to be greeted by millions of young people from all walks of life, in minutes they were friends in spite of their differences, they all share one dream, they felt empowered being arm in arm against their dictator, their voices united and their hearts started to beat as one, a simple dream united them all; OUR country OUR rules.

Courtesy of Mohamad El-Hadidi


He woke up with the biggest smile on his face ,couldn’t feel his legs , severe back pain and a lost voice , staring at a blank white space on his laptop ,trying to write out what he felt ,his fingers started moving on the keyboard saying   “The solidarity, resilience and pride of Egyptian people during the whole thing are beyond reality, we are holding up strong against him. No one is giving up; we lost more than 300 souls, thousands are injured and many are missing, I’ve been on the street for countless days, I am physically and emotionally drained but never felt stronger , happier , prouder or more in love with my country and my life than I do these days”

Long live Egypt …


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