On February 25th, 2011

Rally to Celebrate the Egyptian Uprising
Image by World of Good via Flickr

After the recent incidents and how people reacted to them, it turned out that a big percentage of our population are suffering from “Daddy issues” , the longing for a father to promise,do and say whatever he pleases and they happily oblige,  in other words a form of masochistic behavior that implies total submission to a notion regardless of its reliability, be it a college drop out who decided to be a religious figure ,a president who never respected his people or an army that has been apparently manipulating them, although this general behavior makes it easier to exist in life and I am refraining from using the word “live” on purpose coz I personally believe that living  is directly proportional to a certain amount of brain usage ,this behavior is totally against what we have been fighting for on the streets for 18 days and the beliefs of those who lost their lives to give you and your children a better one.

On the night of Feb. 10th ,2011 ; we were furious after Mubarak‘s speech that was followed by Omar Suleiman implying that the army is going to act against the protesters to protect the state security, and the endless phone calls that all of us received  to leave Tahrir, we didn’t , not because we were challenging the army , but because our trust in them were way higher than some empty threats , we were sleeping infront of the tanks and no where in our minds we suspected them to fire at us or even start or take part  in any violent act.

On the morning of Feb. 4th ,2011 ; I was asked to comment on the BBC about the situation and I was asked “what make you so sure that the army is on your side , after all they were all appointed by Mubarak and they are a part of the regime” to which my reply was “the army will never fire against us, they were trained and taught to protect Egyptians and I am 100% sure that under any circumstances this will never change, they are on our side coz we are the legitimacy and they believe in our demands and only time will prove my theory”

So I  really trusted the armed forces, was so happy about the morning texts regardless of how meaningless they were but it was a nice gesture showing the will to communicate even if it is one sided as no one can reply to them, and my reply to the voices in my head about the delay in certain actions were usually suppressed by the idea of give them some time.

But after what happened last night at Tahrir, and as an Egyptian citizen who has been involved like millions of Egyptians in the uprising that lead to the armed forces being in charge and as an avid believer that no one is my dad or above questioning; I demand a detailed explanation of what happened ; who started the violence and why , I am not sold by a meaningless apology implying that it wasn’t intended, excuse me but how would I trust a military system that “unintentionally” screws , I want to trust and respect the armed forces,but it has to be mutual and the only way for this to happen is by a detailed statement with names so if it were a minority from the people that were aiming to provoke the army, I would like to know who they are and see them punished for that  and if it is some of the army officers who had a misjudgment I would also like to see them punished for that , after all this is justice,right ? and until this happens we will be forced to reach conclusions on our own and act accordingly and I can’t claim to know how this might end.


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