I want to create ideas, to make a change in the way people see things and interpret it, to fight normalcy.  Provoke people to think out of their comfort zones that were imposed through the way they were brought up. I won’t have kids so this is the only way I can pass on my name.

All the posts are written by me unless mentioned otherwise !

If you have any comments or questions , feel free to email me at : zeyadmounir@gmail.com



7 thoughts on “About

  1. Walid says:

    hi Z…
    true what you’re told “the best way to develop as a writer is to write”…. but if you look for a “writing style” the best way to develop it is to read more…. nothing new here I guess…. ;o)

    will keep on following what you write…

  2. Lisa Wines says:

    Found you through a link on Twitter. Read several of your posts. I look forward to more. I can say, through experience, that writing two blogs helped me find my unique voice, so keep on writing so that you, and we, can get to know you. 🙂

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