Being Sara;4. The beach boy cont.

Me and the beach boy had agreed on meeting at 9 and of course 9 in our world means every \where between 10:30 and 12:00 anyways I reached the place along with my friends at 11 and it was already crowded ,however I didn’t notice the people ,it was like everyone around was a hazing figure except for him , he was right there with his friends and as I approached ,I found him standing along with his arm around a really hot girl ,in my head I had this rush of thoughts starting from “so he has a girl friend to what a loser was I to think he would fall for me …etc” anyways I was going to say hi when L just noticed and told me to just appear in his sight and don’t go straight to him and I took her advice and started walking in front of him as if I didn’t see him.

The plan worked and there he is coming to me ,he said hi and smiled ,my heart skipped a beat and then flat-out tripped over itself and fell on its face ,then my heart stood up, brushed itself off, took a deep breath and announced  heey ,he then asked me if I wanted a beer and although I was not drinking back then I said yes anyways ,coz I didn’t want anything to ruin the moment .

After the beer bringing incident I felt like I was flying we talked and danced it was amazing and I forgot all about the girl he was with  and I just enjoyed the moment , few hours later we were alone walking on the beach talking, laughing when we heard the music coming from afar that’s when he suddenly stopped turned around and looked me in the eyes saying “would you like to dance ” I just smiled and he put his arms around my waist and we danced …………..I really can’t find words that can describe how I felt, it was a dream that I didn’t want to wake up from .

The following days were like that or even better he is the most caring, loving, person I ever met and I felt that we were really bonding.

The day before I was leaving back home, he took me to that amazing restaurant, brought me an exquisite flowers bouquet later that night we were in his car as he played James Morrison’s you gave me something we had our first kiss apparently it was not his first but for me it was the ultimate life experience and I felt like the whole world was fading away while he was kissing me ………….I felt aphrodisiac with the music, his breath and the kiss.

The next day and on our way back home me and L ,I didn’t stop talking about M and how perfect this thing between us could be , I went on and on until L just said to me “sweetie this is really great you had your first fling don’t over react and just enjoy the memory of it ”

It shocked me for a while that I might not see him again especially coz he is from another city but then I was very thankful and content about the whole thing and that vacation has been always carved in my mind as the one where I had my first fling as well as my first kiss from a hot guy that was really into me, more over we are only two hours apart , so who knows ..


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