Being Sara;3. The beach boy

During the first year of college, I treated my self to a vacation with newly formed friends to Agami (which was still big back then ,not that I am too old ), since I have lost enough weight to be in a 2 pieces bikini and don’t look like an overfilled plastic bag.

It was a routine of waking up late, soak in the sun on the beach meet with new guys and spend the night at one of the pubs the whole thing was really new to me at that time and I was really enjoying the opportunity to explore the fun side of Egypt with the so-called elite society – how did I get there in the first place this is a whole another story- anyways it was really a blast.

Everywhere I go there was this guy, good-looking confident and really noticeable, I didn’t know him neither did any of my friends but we used to run into him everywhere whether at the beach or even at night no matter where we are, he is always there as if we were co incidentally dating until one night at a house party.

It was that night when I ran into H, a guy from school yet we never really talked before, he came to me and initiated the conversation of  “hey long time no see how is every thing you look great …bla bla and all I could think of at that time was OH MY GOD he is with him, the guy I have been co incidentally dating since I came here, H introduced me to M and I was so excited don’t know why then but I was.

They disappeared again in the crowd and all I could think about was:  is it fate? ,or just a coincidence to be added to our ongoing thing ,since I came here, but on a second thought at least that incredibly hot guy, I have been seeing for all my vacation has a name now M.

Next day me and my friends went to the beach ,every thing was just the same as everyday except that he was not there , and I couldn’t help but looking around for him all the  time but he was not there , and at night we went to O –bar agami where I met H again but he was with this girl and it looked like, M has just disappeared ,I talked with H for a while and then hit the bar and took my sugar-free Redbull –my new friend at the time- thinking of M and if he really did exist .

Four days later and there is no trace of M anywhere I go and I was just starting to forget all about him until I was laying on the beach one day reading a book or actually looking through one , as I wasn’t really into reading , but it was trendy , where I suddenly found M in front of me as gorgeous and hot as he always was – he saluted me and we started talking and talking about everything and everyone until I realized that I have like 10 missed calls on my cell and that it is almost sunset ,he drove me home as all my friends had left already  and we agreed on meeting later that evening at agami ………..yeah I got my first date yaaaaaay .

I spent the next hours gossiping about him and” us “with my best friend and my mentor then L. along with choosing my outfit and doing my hair, preparing for my big night.

So will it be the beginning of a new chapter in my life where I will be able to live happily ever after, that I will know after a couple of hours but as of now ,all I am thinking is ..

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