Being Sara;2. Fake it…. till you feel it.

It was the day before the first day of college, my mom was abroad and my staying alone period has officially started, I was so nervous the whole week and that was translated in long sessions of retail therapy, at that time I was in the middle of my year plan diet, so by then I have had lost some weight which took my shopping to a whole new level, trying on cloths I never thought I will be able to pull off.

By the end of the that day I spent hours choosing what I will be wearing on my debut appearance as a college girl , I chose a pair of jeans with a nice top that will work fine with my new –very expensive-Channel shades .

Next step was trying to find out who will be in my class , I remembered that girl I met during the orientation day who said that ,a lot of her friends are to be in our class , so I logged on facebook and started studying her fb contact list religiously , making all the connections of who might know who and which friends do I have in common with her friends that I guessed are those she was talking about ,after doing my homework ,it hit me that by tomorrow night I would have met many people and surely enough they will check my facebook account, so I have to make sure it will reflect the image I want , only problem was that by then ,I didn’t know who I was or who do I want to be.

I remember  someone once said “fake it ,till you feel it “so all I need to do is  to come up with the girl I am planning to be ,start acting like her ,until she grows up on me , it seemed like the perfect opportunity to start over ,since no one of my high school” peeps ” will be there , even those who are ,I am sure didn’t even notice my existence during my school years so it will be easy to convey the persona I want.

I started checking my facebook photos in order to decide what is to be deleted and what to be highlighted, I went through the 30 photos I had there, and as if I was fare-welling the sad little creature that was me until few months ago, it didn’t take me long to find that not one single photo can make a good profile or at least the profile I need at this moment. So I headed to my closet ,took out some outfits ,put some make up on ,fixed my hair ,held a camera ,put on the infamous pout , and click , with some photo shopping it was the perfect photo, it got everything the shades , the stylishly messed hair and the pout.

I uploaded the new profile picture, changed the security settings so no one can see my tagged photos or friends, so as to create a sense of mystery and importance and voila I was all set up for my first day as a college student.


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