The Message

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Ringggggggggg , he reached out to his cell , turning off the alarm after snoozing it 3 times , he has been doing that every time the alarm rings that he started to set it 15 minutes before the real-time he wants to wake up , he got out of bed , head to the kitchen to switch the kettle on, he opened the door to get the newspaper and went to have a shower , the moment coffee is announced ready thanks to the kettle beep , he got it and  unconsciously , turned his pc on while dressing for work , that was his daily routine for many years now , as he was polishing his shoes , he opened the firefox and clicked on the facebook tab.

Three seconds later he got the message saying “can not display this page please recheck the web address and try again” ………….what the fuck?? he thought , may be he is still tipsy from last night , he smiled and clicked the tab again , and once more he got the same message ……..well this can not be happening “he thought” , he picked up a cigarette and sat down on the chair , took a deep breath and tried again .

May be something went wrong with the browser ,  so he opened the history folder and decided to log on through it , but again he is getting the same message , his stomach started to ache, Ok may be something is wrong with my computer …………………….he restarted it and focused on the thought that it will open now , he remembered the Secret guys , they said if you want something so badly it will happen , he couldn’t think of something more that he needs at this moment , he needs to check his facebook account ………

Two minutes passed like 2 hours and it felt like living in slow motion the windows starting music seemed too long and then finally it is ready, he opened the browser again and typed the address carefully and yet the same message appeared again.

Facebook is down , they shut the website permanently and all info that he had on his account is now gone, he couldn’t help himself having this thought as shocking and disturbing it was to him , he did not want to believe it , to agree to it or even think it over as a probability .

What am I gonna do , all my photos , my messages , my comments , my birthdays , my graduation , my contacts, my memories  everything is gone , it is as if I never lived …….what the hell am I thinking , it must be a bug  or something and they are gonna fix it anyways so why am I so worried .

He decided to act as if nothing happened, he has always been good in this, he knows he has a way to lock back any unfortunate event that takes place in his life back in his mind and never think of it as if it didn’t happen, same like when his grandmother died ,when his girl friend dumped him and it always worked.

But this time was different he couldn’t take this thought out of his mind , what if they did not fix it , what if there is no facebook any more , he then felt childish and superficial nagging about photos and wall posts so he reminded himself strongly as if he is making an announcement , but facebook Is a very important marketing tool now , you can market any event or product within split second using facebook to all coroners of the world ………..he smiled..

15 minutes later he said to him self , the fuck with facebook , I lived without it for 27 years , I can go on, as if it never existed , he smiled with pride this time , Nothing is gonna control my life ,I am better this way , after all I can invest the time spared on facebook on going to the gym , reading and hanging out with the people from the office ………….yeah thank god it is off , I am way better without it .

He then reached his office, sat down opened his computer and unconsciously typed and waited for the page to load …………………….

Written in June ,2007


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