And the fifth cycle is over, I am 35

A few months ago, I was unexpectedly invited to a BBQ in London, it was one of those times when you receive an invitation and RSVP with no expectations on who is going or how it is going to be like. It was an awesome day where I met very cool people and had some deep chats.

“I am finishing my seventh cycle in two weeks,” – Said someone in the crowd. He was turning 49 in few days and he was very excited about it. I looked up what a seven-year-cycle means:

“Our lives run in cycles of 7 years where every aspect of your life is put under a microscope and examined. And anything deemed unnecessary and no longer positive for your Spiritual growth on your journey gets removed.”

I looked at my life and realised that yes, most of my life changing events, thoughts or whatever took place when I was 21 or 28.

At twenty-one I decided to take control of who I was, I indulged in the life I thought I wanted and I did it.

At twenty-eight I knew this was not what I wanted and it was when I laid the foundation for the “me” I was more passionate about, later I changed my career, changed my surroundings, and looking at old pictures, I think I have even changed how I used to look like.

Today, I turned 35, The past two months have been the most difficult in this cycle, yet the few months before gave me a glimpse, a sneak peak on what I want in life. For a brief moment, it felt like I have made it.

It was intense with new challenges, life-long dreams coming into action, moments of euphoria and despair, moments when I hated being alive and others when I wished to live forever.

For the first time, This year my life did not turn upside down, on the contrary, it felt like everything  just came into place. It was a new feeling.

I have known things that I wasn’t supposed to, done things that I wasn’t prepared to and met people I never knew existed.

I fell in love or at least what I assumed it to be, for the first time I wasn’t only willing to listen to another human being but also to agree, learn and grow. I gave unconditionally, left my ego on the side and felt vulnerable, a word that never found its way in my life before. I was taken care of and  I was genuinely cared for.

This year I have accomplished most of the things I thought would be impossible to happen, I ticked all the items that were on my to-do list.

The future looks a bit scary now as I am presented -again- with the blank page I’ve had when I turned 28, I am  trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, what dreams do I need to work on and what adventures do I need to live but this time I know I am capable of whatever my mind conceives.

Let the sixth cycle begins!




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