Challenge #1

I can hear her voice from afar, my mother telling them it can’t be real.

My facial muscles moving beyond my control, painting a smile on my face; a smile I once knew, once felt, once had then forgotten about its existence.  I am shouting off the top of my lungs but no one seems to hear a thing. He comes closer to me, I don’t know him, or maybe I did, white hair, black glasses, could it be colonel Sanders?

“There is no breath”, he said, “it is over ” they responded, with broken eyes and saggy faces, I try as much as I could to erase this smile on my face, but I fail, I feel, I fathom, I fear of what is yet to come, They start praying, I start panicking. They admire the smile. I quit trying to prove otherwise.

I move up, I am lifted, I see many people in too many places, many familiar faces but only one heart; a heart I once heard, I once had, I once hurt.

They are admiring a smile that is stuck on my face, I can’t undo it, I can’t shout, I have to make a decision, I don’t want to go, I don’t want to leave just yet, slowly I come back, vigorously I exhale and nothing. No one is around, I am alone breathing heavily, sweltering my way back to being.

I can hear her voice from afar, my mother telling me it is time to wake up.


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