10 things that are more harmful to your children’s upbringing than Abla Fahita.


Abla Fahita

  1.  TV ads suggesting how inferior it is being a woman, urging the audience to man up.
  2.   Nationalistic songs with kids dressed up as army soldiers holding weapons
  3.   The Friday prayers “khotba” where sheikhs are talking about how it is a godly task to kill all the Jews.
  4.   Cheering for and encouraging the extermination of people who thinks differently.
  5.   Segregation of kids in schools based on their religion and/or gender.
  6.    Hate speeches on daily talk shows.
  7.   Videos of people getting arrested for claimed “shameful acts”.
  8.    The sense of entitlement to judge other people based on their color, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, political ideology or class.
  9.    Telling them that questioning the norms makes one an infidel and/or a traitor.
  10.    In order for us to be safe, many others should be killed/arrested/tortured and we will encourage it as long as it is them not us.

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