I am Thirty Two years old.

It is this night again, a night that I promised to write myself something on. The night that I wait for, anticipate and on which based many things in my life, The night of my Birthday.

Recently I have been thinking what if I wasn’t born yet, what if all these days and nights, sips of coffee and puffs of cigarettes are just the preview, that time – they say – a person sees their own life the moment of their inception to get an overall idea of how it is going to be like, however that’s a time they never remember except for few scattered moments of Deja-vu.

This year my life was – again- turned upside down, it seems to be a pattern, one of the few I am happy to have noticed, I have made new families, friends, conquests and regrets.

I have known things that I wasn’t supposed to, done things that I wasn’t prepared to and met people I never knew existed.

For this I am glad, but what would define this year for me would be the fact that I am no longer afraid of the voices in my head and the personalities they represent. I am no longer waiting for YOU … coz we have finally met.

Tonight, I am Thirty Two years old.




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