On the fifth of September, 2010

Three years ago I made a decision to be happy, to adopt my own definition of being content and put it into action. It all started on the fifth of September 2010 on my bed at my apartment in Muscat, Oman โ€“ where I used to work at the time- when I decided to quit my career as a dentist and pursue what I am really passionate about.

1988, I tell my mom a story about an apple tree that holds people as hostages inside, she keeps asking me questions about those people like how did they get inside, why did they, how are they feeling about it and what plan can they put together to get out of it. I was surprised to find all the answers in my head that I could even describe how they looked like and my mom was there listening and writing what I said word by word, few days later I found a pack of freshly printed paper with words on it and her saying “Congrats, you just published your first short story” and I remember me (only capable of writing my name at the time) signing copies to be distributed on our friends and relatives.

Since then I have known that I might not be the cutest kid there is, the most athletic or the strongest but I had a brain capable of making stories with people in it that do awesome things and are highly entertaining, I started telling her more stories and discuss them with her, sometimes we will turn a story into a play where we design costumes out of bed sheets and towels, I even dismantled my foosball set to get the tiny soccer players out and use them as actors in those plays.

The 5thย of September, 2010 I couldn’t hold these stories in my head any longer, they had to come out whether they are good or bad, I knew that telling stories, putting my thoughts out on paper was my passion and I won’t be truly happy unless they are out there for people to like or dislike and that’s what I did.

Three years ago, on a night like tonight I started a new life and went to bed with all those dreams about the unlimited possibilities life might offer, three years later I can’t be more thankful for how enjoyable, rich and intense this rollercoaster has been.

It all started right here on this blog.

The shaded areas on the map is where I have people who read my words, the darker the shade the more the readers.
The shaded areas on the map represents the blog’s readership. Number of clicks is proportional to the shade’s degree


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