#Jan25 Vs #june30

I still remember that Saturday 12.02.2011, on my way back to Alexandria after an eighteen days of a revolution that all the world was talking about,  as I was sitting at the train I thought of the best written article to date, how I would go home, shower and sleep to wake up and write the eighteen days that changed my life as well as the face of the world, a revolution that succeeded. or so I thought.

As time went by, I tried countless times to at least keep a diary of those days, those cheers  that are engraved in my head by the minute but always fail me when I try to bring them on paper.


** This photo collage is courtesy of @OmarKamel that he collected and published**

Today is 04.7.2013 , it is the morning after Morsy and the Muslim Brotherhood organisation were ousted from Egypt, the first elected civilian president of Egypt was toppled last night, after people from all walks of life took the streets by the millions, for four days.

I didn’t sleep ecstatically happy last night nor do I have a close feeling to how it was on the morning after 11.02.2011. I even cried last night and this morning, I feel like being the typo in an otherwise brilliantly written eloquent poem where all letters and words are in harmony enticing a form of beauty that is beyond my comprehension, I felt like an outcast.

I am sad, I feel betrayed and alienated.

A quick look on social media platforms shows an inclination towards a certain narrative that have been adapted to refer to #june30 with, the fights that are building up and the results that might be in the happening.

I am worried sick

Is it a  military coup ? The question everyone is either asking, denying or claiming.

No, This is not a military coup, coz since 1952 the Egyptian Army has been in power under different names, with different faces and various degrees.

Millions of Egyptians stormed the streets on the 25th of January, 2011 for eighteen days until Mubarak was toppled and over the following months a make belief statement did all it could to personalize the regime into certain figures, making the public believe that with them outside the political scene, we shall live happily ever after. That wasn’t/isn’t true.

After Mubarak, we faced SCAF for a over a year then came the turn of Islamists who again failed to meet the demands of the revolution, so we went back on the streets to topple them and we did.

Every time there is a different tool but the common denominator is the masses on the streets, we were/are still in a revolution that has different chapters to make it easier for those who would write it later on. The trial and error phase is still on. This time we are just trying a new approach with the Army in the picture (as it has always been) but not in the center of it.

#June30 is a new chapter of #jan25 that is using a different approach that for many – me included- looks like a Fascist one; as it started by shutting down TV stations and the arrest of media workers. It is alarming for anyone concerned with Human rights and personal freedoms, however it happened-again in the frame of trial and error-that is very normal to take place during revolutions and it is on us; believers to fight for what we believe in regardless of how mainstream it is. Not to forget that one of the biggest wins of this chapter is getting rid of the Muslim Brotherhood and their Political Islam project and as well as getting to preserve our national identity which was threatened over the past year under the Ikhwani rule.

I am completely aware that with such a strong presence of the Army in the political scene, it will never give away its privileges, starting from the outrageous constitution articles re Military trials, economical projects and taking over pieces of land to sell it later on to punishing its leaders that are held responsible for killing, torturing, running over protesters and performing virginity tests on women.

However, there is nothing as an Eighteen days or Four days revolutions, A revolution is a state of change powered by the people and steered by different heads, it will take years to decide whether the #Jan25 has succeeded or failed and even more years to announce its end and  probably decades for myself to have a complete picture of it and write about it.

We are now entering a new chapter in our struggle against Injustice, oppression and Inequality. Walking the streets that were paved by the blood of those who lost their lives during; Mubarak, SCAF and Morsi with one destination  that is ” Bread, Freedom and Social justice” so until we arrive there, The revolution continues.


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