Hassan Mostafa; turning prosecutor’s cheeks red since 2008.

hassan mostafa pic1

If one had been following the scene in Egypt since the commencement of the revolution, one would have read a lot about Khalid Saied; the young Alexandrian man who was brutally beaten to death by police informants in 2010, an incident that sparked the youth across the nation to take it to the streets and protest against police brutality, the protests which- few months later- were followed by the infamous Jan 25th protests.

Thirty years old Alexandrian activist Hassan Mostafa was one of the first to not only participate but also to organize the khaled Saied protests across the country, being subjected himself to police misuse of power during his arrest in 2008 upon his participation in the events supporting the General strike in Egypt on April 6th, 2008.

He was sentenced to prison in 2010 to be released two months later when his appeal was accepted then and just before January, 2011.

On January 25th , 2011; he organized one of Alexandria‘s major protests heading from  the Bacchus neighborhood and was one of the most prominent figures of the revolution in Alexandria and has been guiding all of the freshmen protesters who were filling the streets for the first time of their lives; offering guidance, support and answers to all the questions raised during the eighteen days and afterwards, making sure that no matter where anyone is coming from,  what are their beliefs or life choices to be part of the bigger picture as long as a same goal is shared, Social justice.

In March2011 and as word was spreading that the state security officials were burning their records, marches started heading to the building and as the tension escalated between protesters and state security officers, while the army was taking the audience position being “neutral” Hassan was shot in his abdomen and miraculously defeated death like he has been defeating injustice all his life.

On the 20thof January, 2013 and during the trial of the police officers accused of killing the protesters during the #jan25 revolution, a protest took place where random detention of protesters and children took place, on the following it was known that not only children were detained, tortured and unlawfully kept in an undisclosed location by the police but also that among the children was a 14 years old cancer patient that is in need of immediate treatment, hence on the 21st of January Hassan went to file a complaint inside the Mansheya courts complex at the prosecutor general’s office where he was accused of attacking a prosecutor’s a claim that was falsified by many of those who were present but still that prosecutor admitted a medical report claiming that Hassan slapped the prosecutor turning his cheeks into red – a medical report that was written two days after the claimed incidence- based upon this, Hassan was sent to trial.

During his detention he was beaten in after refusing solitary confinement, then on the 12th of March 2013 he was sentenced TWO YEARS in prison.

It is important to note that in 2010 he was interrogated by Ahmed Darwish, the same prosecutor who is falsely accusing him now of assault for which Hassan is in prison!!!

While in prison, Hassan wrote this open letter to the president of Egypt Dr Mohamed Morsi

Mr. President, I will speak truth to your power. We have suffered before and during your reign. You are no Moses, but another Pharaoh, wanting nothing but the advancement of yourself and your brotherhood.

Justice can’t find its way to your rule, truth has no place under your government, the oppressed find no justice in your judiciary, for your state is a state of oppression and tyranny, following in the steps of those who came before you. You bedamn land and offspring, spread poverty and hunger, wherever you walk. You have built an entourage of those who serve injustice and thrive on oppression, as if there was no lesson to be learned from what happened to your predecessor.

May God bestow change on us and bless us with the power to show you, your brotherhood and your entourage that what you have feared.

“Pharaoh exalted himself on earth, and divided the people into factions. He persecuted a group of them, slaughtering their sons and sparing their daughters. He was verily a corrupter. And we wished to bestow grace on those who were oppressed, to make them leaders and make them inherit the earth, and to grant them power and, at their hands, show Pharaoh and Haman and their soldiers what they had feared.” (Quran 28:4-6)

From a speaker of truth against your injustice and a prisoner in your state of oppression and tyranny.

Hassan Mustafa

Cell 14, High-security ward 23, Section 5, Burj Al-Arab Remand Prison

Written on Friday 8 February, 2013

 Lawyers from the “Front to Defend Egypt Protesters” have appealed his sentence and the court decision will be made on the 13th of April, 2013.


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