Qorasaya Island – fighting for the right of being

As published in “Your Middle East.com”

Will the children who woke up one day to find their own army attacking their home ever be able to forgive a regime that terrorized them, asks Egyptian writer Zeyad Salem.

Qorsaya Island, located near the west bank of the Nile around 10 kilometers from central Cairo, is a community of some 1,000 fishermen and 4,000 farmers that have been living there for generations. A self-sufficient community, its inhabitants were used to a basic rural way of life in the midst an overcrowded, congested city until their first encounter with the Mubarak regime in 2007 when the Cairo2050 plan outlined development components for the island that had nothing to do with its people and was just based on corporate interests aiming to transform the country into an ATM for a network of few businessmen but without positive effect on the society or its needs.

Click here to read more  http://www.yourmiddleeast.com/features/qorasaya-island-fighting-for-the-right-of-being-video_13424


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