Bread, Freedom and Social justice. Take II #Nov27

Once upon a time, I woke up put on my converse, took some money and my national ID and went out, I walked down the street and joined a march of protesters, at first I was intimidated by the numbers, standing on the side and chanting only in my head, then I started recognizing some familiar faces that I didn’t have names to match them with, but I knew that I know them from somewhere. I walked to the center and a voice I didn’t know came out of me claiming my right to exist.

I felt so unprepared for everything that was to befall me, so lost in a notion that dissociated my entire being and the more steps I took the more this notion -that I couldn’t imagine or perceive- invaded my being and took hold of my soul, as if the scattered bits that used to define me congregated on some semiconscious level and turned into a path. A path so different than anything I’ve ever known or dreamed of, it endowed my restless being and showed me who I really was.

That notion is freedom.

I might have given up on many things in my life but this newly found bliss is not one of them, it is the only thing I will defend with my life. I am an Egyptian citizen, hence I get a saying in the future of my country. I’ve got a voice that won’t be silenced no matter what.


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