She, brown hair fair skin and hazel eyes, has been always aware when a set of eyes look at her body on her way to school. She knew it was her fault; maybe she is walking too slow or too fast, maybe she is not covered up enough. Her body; a shame that God gave her as a test to be passed or else she would rot in hell, get eaten by snakes and have her bones crushed between layers of stones.

She stood in front of a mirror admiring how soft her skin is, how the freckles on her face resonate the shades of pink that is her body. She held her ripe breasts, played her fingers on what comes out of them, felt a tingle that was new to her knowledge and a locked breath was let out.

Locked the door, walked slowly towards her bed, dimmed the light and sat there naked for the first time in her sixteen years of life. Her fingers playing her hair, meeting her lips, caressing her neck discovering a new sensation when it goes around a throbbing vein leading to a salient bone then caving between her full soft breasts. She cautiously touched her nipples and gripped her bosoms, a sigh came out as she went down on her stomach.

Her heart beating so fast,  her breath getting heavier, she grabbed her thighs and went up on the inner side not knowing what to expect.  It is the sin of sins as her mother told her to even come close to this area.

Sweat droplets started to appear on her -now- fairly pink skin as she discovered the thing that lies between her thighs, glistening in the darkness of her room, her fingers trembling as she touched it and all of a sudden a rush of blood running through her veins going so fast so strong all the way up to her head shutting off all the fears, struggles and guilt.

She parted company with her consciousness for few moments of pure ecstasy supported by a sigh-ing existence claiming a presence outside the borders of her body. After what seemed to be a moment she regained herself. Few minutes ago she was out of this world, few minutes ago she discovered a kind of pleasure she never knew existed, few minutes ago she condemned a sin that can’t be said out loud.

On the wet sheets of her bed she sat, thinking of how God would punish her, the sense of guilt eating her up and the smile lighting her face turned into a frown of terror as she cried herself to sleep.

Like an autumn leaf holding on to its last thread, waiting for a breeze to be set free, she decided if pleasure is a sin, if claiming ownership over her own body deserves punishment, so be it.

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