For before it was empty.

Let’s drink together, spend the night talking about nothing and everything, let’s take it fast and undress each other off all our secrets, insecurities and doubts. Let’s face our demons, dare our happiest memories that the best is yet to come.

For before it was withdrawn.

In a dimension that was never sung or written,my restless inconsistent being,  mustered on your skin. The forsaken truth revealed  in a bite on a side of a neck . Throbbing veins in erected muscles, tweaked chests and a smile.

For before it was blank.

Let me weave my letters with your sighs, make them into words of sound, the sound of your beating heart as I hold you tight, the echo of my fears as you shut them out. Out are my wildest desires seeking home in you.

For before it was  lethargic

Piss me off, make me sad, furious of something that you’ve done, let my ribs ache and suffocate my soul, let my gut sink in despair and misfortune. Remind me of how my tears tasted like.

For now it is a memory that it is too heavy to carry.

For now it is a void that it is too tight to dwell.


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