And just like that their homes were gone !

Imagine someone knocking on your door at six am, you wake up  and open the door to find a group of army officers, asking you to join them , you are forcefully taken into one of their trucks and in the background you can hear the screams of your family. You wait inside the car reassuring yourself that this should be a mistake or a misunderstanding , as you know you have never breached the law , even when you were denied the right to live in an appropriate house , you made one yourself and joined that neighborhood on the border of the city , yes it is far from everything, and you spend a fortune everyday in transportation  to go to work , or your children to go to their schools , but it is ok , you are better than others , yes you pay a fortune for electricity and water bills but it is Ok as long as you can still afford them , even if you would spend some nights without dinner , still you are better than other people, minutes passed as if they were hours , or may be there were hours , it is hard to keep a record of time in the darkness of the army vehicle.

And finally you are let out to find your wife , parents and children shouting ,screaming and crying and as you look further, you see all your furniture broken into pieces on the ground, you look for your house but instead you see a rumble of stones on an empty land , you find your wife beaten , your mother lying on the ground and your children crying and screaming in terror.

That exactly what happened to more than 50  families in عزبة العرب والنجارين والملاحة  Alexandria this morning , the army vehicles bombarded their neighborhood , demolished their houses without notice and didn’t even gave them time to find another place to live , compensated them or at least collect their belongings , just like that you wake up and what you used to call  home is gone just like that.

From an old woman who was forced to sleep on the street, resting her head on a brick and covered in a plastic sheet , to a young man who has been preparing his flat to get married in it in 20 days , to children who lost their sense of belonging , or families who have lost everything they have been working hard to get , the tragic stories of these people is beyond comprehension and it resonates the question that we all need an answer to, as one of the women said today Are we paying taxes so that army officers get their training, weapons to use them against us , are we paying for their shoes to get stepped on by it , isn’t the army supposed to be protecting its own people? “some questions that I didn’t have an answer to.

*videos are the courtesy of @RaniaKeiy


One thought on “And just like that their homes were gone !

  1. internet marketing says:

    You sir would fit in much better in a system such as North Korea. You do not deserve to live in a country that has been protected by the men and women who have died because they did not want their children to be ruled by a Nazi regime or a Soviet communist republic.

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