First creative writing workshop at #ElSandarah #Alex

For the first time in Alexandria; a creative writing workshop is to be conducted at El Sandarah cultural center.

The multidisciplinary workshop will be utilizing various forms of media as writing bursts and prompts to help familiarize the participants with self expression via writing,  using fresh imagery and unusual vocabulary to give the written pieces a contemporary edge along with a sense of originality.

At the end of the course participants should produce a 500 words written piece that is to be read and/or distributed during El-Sandarah literary saloon with a chance to be published.

There are no criteria other than good command of English and the willingness to open up one’s writing.

Age group: 16+

Fees: 500 LE

Registration is  now open for the next Creative Writing course , so hurry up and fill the form

For more information:

Phone : 01279639956


Address : 681, Elhorryea avenue, Janaklees , Alexandria



6 thoughts on “First creative writing workshop at #ElSandarah #Alex

  1. tessf says:

    Shootout at the “literary saloon” Love that! 🙂 I just did a post on an experiment I did in class the other day in case you interested. (found your blog in the suggestion box as I was editing again.)

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