Quiescence !

As the car’s rear lights were swallowed up in the darkness and quietude started to crinkle over the resonating beats of his heart, He smiled. Earlier that day he packed all his avidities, affairs and demons into boxes perfectly placed on the truck.

He got rid of everything that defined him, things he used to love, those he used to hate and the ones in-between. Emptiness, a clean slate, a proverbial state of being was what he thrived.

Cloaked by nothingness; a new pleasure was created waiting for him to acknowledge it. He was lighting a cigarette in the Hades of a night, when an angel and a devil came rushing towards his place, fighting each other over his new invented bliss, one crying it is a sin while the other shouting it is a virtue.

Lost in the smoke forming in front of his eyes, he couldn’t care less.


3 thoughts on “Quiescence !

  1. poula says:

    Zeyad, I admire your writing, not just the technique or choice of words, but the story or plot involved as well, however minimal it might be. Your words flow smoothly, making me want to read more. I love the touch of existentialism and surrealism I find there sometimes. It evokes many foreign emotions and challenges the mind. Keep writing!

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