Room Squared

Disclaimer; This is an excerpt of segment 4.3 of the requested report about the room squared, some parts are dismissed for confidentiality, only this part is allowed for the public 

“The room squared (1) was known to be the place where the troubled go seeking therapy , rehabilitation or the mere company of other miserable beings.

As the name implies it was a simple square room with nothing but black floor and dark walls(5), the initial design was for it to be  all colorful and cheerful but after some suicidal attempts(67) that took place when the subjects were faced by a  joyful setting that contradicted how dark they felt, the design was changed to its  plainness.

No one really knew what happened in there, or what happened to this room, all that is known that people get in during their darkest moments and after few days, weeks or sometimes years they shall walk out and behave normally, but no one ever did.(4)

This is what I found concerning the subject in question, so far no historical proof about its existence or demolition. Few reports about  over capacity and extensions  accordingly also exists especially after the year 2011-which is known in history as the year when a group of delusional misfits attempted to break the holy code of sociopolitical hierarchy – however and as weird and un-acceptable nowadays, it seems like at some point during history humans did have some other organ they called a heart which was obviously different than the double ventricular organ that we call the same. It was prone to breaking and mending, they even had songs describing it and theories that empower something they called free will.

Citizen #0039685547255BcfI38500//

December 2210



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