Counting the army’s blessings on the #jan25 revolution !

February 26th : First army attack on Tahrir sq. that was followed by an apology from SCAF

March 9th: Forceful evacuation of Tahrir Square, lots of arrests and injuries and the begining of the virginity tests.

April 9th: Forceful evacuation of the square that resulted in many injuries and 30 martyrs

June 28th: Assaulting martyrs’ families as well as the injured from the 18 days.

August 1st : Forceful evacuation of the martyrs’ families sit in at Tahrir ( First day of Ramadan)

September 9th : The Israeli embassy events, that ended in erecting a concrete wall that was later demolished by the protesters.

October 9th: Maspero massacre and the state media failed attempt in igniting sectarian war in Egypt when the army vehicles ran over the protesters  (30+ martyrs)

November 19th: Mohamed Mahmoud battle that was followed by the use of chemical weapons all over the country against protesters (More than 60 martyrs and countless protesters lost their eyes)

December 16th till present: Forceful evacuation of the Cabinet sit in ,800 injured, 12 martyrs and counting.

Starting February 2011 , more than 15000 civilians faced military trials and unjust verdicts.( )

Countless incidents of abductions , unjustified detentions and torture carried on by the military police against unarmed protesters.

This is SCAF. This is the Egyptian Army. These are your sisters/daughters/Mothers being assaulted. These are your own people being killed by their own army. And this is YOU still being indifferent.

#NoSCAF #NoMilTrials #FreeMaikel #FreeAlaa #FreeEgypt


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