#EgyElections; My personal recount of what happened today at the poll station.

So I have been torn between two options, whether to boycott the elections as I personally believe it is a joke, would be used to give legitimacy to the superior council of armed forces that they lost long time ago, the parliament doesn’t have any authority on anything and it is all a set up OR to go and cast in my vote as it might count against islamists ,NDP et al. at the end I decided to go there and just write “DOWN WITH THE MILITARY JUNTA” on my ballot as this is the only thing I believe in at the moment.

I went today at around 17:15 and here is my recount to what I’ve witnessed:

1. In order to get in, you should have your sequence number or else you  can use one of two computers to get it , the first computer is public and you have to pay something from 5 to 10 pounds to use it , the other is for free as it is the property of the Freedom and Justice party (Muslim Brotherhood).

2. Once you get in , you can go wherever you want , no one checks anything, I actually went out with my ballot then in again and no one cared.

3. Once you get the ballot , you would be surrounded with many people telling you who exactly to vote for (Salafists and MB) . then you fill it in the open and someone would look at it after you are done and offer another ballot if he succeeded in making you change your mind.( in my case I refused for anyone to recheck it but I’ve seen many allowing it )

4. No one checked my ID card , I just pointed at my name in the lists and they took my word for it.

5. There is NO ink , so you just get out without any proof that you voted.

6.There was a  talk that they ran out of wax , so the boxes were left unsealed.

7.Army officers were around making sure that no one is making trouble in any sort.

My poll station was , The Faculty of Agriculture Saba-Basha – Alexandria.



3 thoughts on “#EgyElections; My personal recount of what happened today at the poll station.

  1. Anonymous says:

    i believe that would happen >by myself when i voted yesterday the poll station was very organized
    althogh i am against elections and i see it as SCAF is distracting our attention to give up our pure revloution . i did the same as u did “down with military junta “

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