Twitter sized fiction II

I. As the brake lights were swallowed up in the darkness, solitude started to rustle from within. He lit a cigarette and gazed the smoke mixing with the air around. It was what he always wanted, his long awaited journey of self actualization and he was the one standing in his way to be.

II.  Like a place that is holding its breath hoping that time won’t stumble upon it, she spent her days waiting for him to break the siege. Only to be crushed in the process.

III. Looking in his eyes she felt challenged , wondering if he could see the defeat screaming from within, what if he knew that he is about to place his lips exactly where his wife refused to put hers. Three years ago.

IV. Giving away everything that defined him, all the things he referred to himself wearing and all what he has been living for in a quest for the emptiness, a clean slate and a new definition of existence.

V. Let someone take away any sense of privacy or security you might still possess, then have them use that insecurities to satisfy their own twisted curiosity. Give yourself away in the spur of the moment to witness yourself becoming a Facebook status.


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