Dear Z space , Happy anniversary !

There are  moments in life where one has to make a decision , a move ,a strong voice to claim their existence , every single day we are all offered this opportunity but most of the time we just let go for the sole reason of fear , no matter how many seemingly valid reasons we have for letting go of who we are , it is fear that holds us back.

Starting this blog was the first step in the long process of putting myself out there, be open to criticism and take full responsibility  of my own beliefs, ideas and actions.Once I believed in myself, everything moved faster and better than I’ve ever expected , too many changes happened,many new friendships were made that helped and supported me beyond words and so many dreams materialized most of which are still in the process but now I know I am on the right track to achieve them and the very first step I took was starting this blog.

It was on the 5th of September 2010 when I doubtfully started my blog not knowing if that was a right move and here I am  a year later enjoying the path I chose ,looking forward to see what comes next.

Thank YOU all for taking the time to read my posts , you have no idea how much it means to me when I receive your feedbacks , I can never be  grateful and thankful enough for that.




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