Twitter sized fiction!

I.  How her presence picks up the scattered jigsaw puzzle pieces of his life, how he melts when a hint of smile gathers at the corners of her mouth validating his existence, if only he knew her name.

II. She looked at her in doubt , not knowing what was taking over her, a flood of emotions building up to total surrender, a state of proverbial being , where wrong and right lied only in her eyes.

III.  I am having an urge to call you right now, telling you how you disgust me , but I am worried  if I heard your voice my tongue will fail me, like my heart did when it fell for you and I will just beg for your return and this above all I can’t bear to happen.

IV.  She looked him in the eye and saw a hunter rather than a lover but for a second she wanted to be a prey, she wanted to be used and abused, giving up what she was and get lost in his presence.

V. Un-buttoning her blouse, she felt so powerful; she was finally cheating on him. May be if she slept with other people like he did, they will have something in common and be together again


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