The Wall

As the quiet night was conquered by the first ray of sunlight, I felt things are going to be different. I have been here for countless days and  always enjoyed the warmth and freshness of new mornings, but if my being here has taught me anything, it would be the unpredictability of this city.

At first, the scenery was bedazzling. All my surroundings were beautiful, breathtaking. Authentic ancient walls, soothing green areas decorated with vividly colored flowers. People all dressed up, walking by slowly and spending time looking at us in admiration.

As time went by, everything started to change. Even the walls, which I grew fond of, started to crumble. One by one, they just couldn’t take it; they got too emotionally involved in what we witnessed on daily basis; the lies, the cheating, and the ungratefulness that is called humans.

Don’t get me wrong I love watching humans, they are very entertaining. I have witnessed saints turned into sinners and sinners repenting into angels. Countless stories happened over and over again, like reruns on television. Years ago, women were fighting to lose the burqua. They won and the streets were filled with beautiful, smart and confident women. Recently, they started fighting again to get covered. How funny is that.

I have always understood that I should look good or the least interestingly, but I never got to see myself, although I always noticed many people come stand in front of me, taking photos and sometimes stand for hours painting. I always wanted to ask them to show me their work, but unfortunately I can’t speak.

The big truck is here. I have seen it many times removing my old friends. I wondered when these people will come to their senses and tear down all those ugly new walls. I imagined myself to be the only wall in the area and how different and special I’ll be. After all, I never cracked or crumbled.

Then it came closer and closer, that I can feel its noise shaking me , its long arm started going up and up then  down to hit me , me the oldest most beautiful wall in the area ,the one that kept their secrets , endured their lies , confusion and utter misbehavior ,but it was inevitable  that their ugliness couldn’t face my beauty .

I think it is time for me to crumble before any more humiliation; after all I go with dignity.


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