Our right to be ..

Dear SCAF et al. ;

We the Egyptian people has zero tolerance for being randomly shot, killed, injured, beaten, tortured,phased out, discriminated against or detained and we will unite against any entity that violates any of  our rights. All what we are asking for and I believe we have earned it the hard way; is to be respected and treated as humans who have rights and more importantly a voice that will NEVER be silenced again.

Graffiti by Teneen.

N.B: Earlier this week;Ebrahim Abded, Aida ElKashef, Mohamed Fahmy & AbdelRahman Amin were arrested by the military police while hanging the following poster.

 Many incidents of arresting or summoning civilians to military prosecution or trials on the basis of talking against the SCAF, then it was the CNN report claiming that virginity tests were conducted on women protesters on March 9th ,adding it to the growing numbers of reports stating torture incidents against civilians by the military police.


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