The Hesheits

At first, the soul was complete. Humans roamed the earth with the power of content individuals who never resorted to Dr. Phil or Oprah. There was no such thing as searching for one’s other half, for the other half was there. They had four arms, four legs and two faces.

So when Zeus had enough of human arrogance, he snuck into ODNAL (Olympia DNA Laboratories) and split the quadruple helixes stored in the massive state of the art genetic filing system using his 8,000,0000 mega watt bolt of lightning which he reserved for special events in history like Imperialism, Slavery, WWI, the birth of Hitler, and the inevitable indirect consequence known as 9/11.

Jupiter – known to be Zeus’ adamant opponent – was pleased by the amount of despondency inflicted on mankind after his antagonist’s brilliant scheme, yet was bitter that the idea wasn’t his, so after years of thinking, fueled by Zeus continuous bragging on his achievement, a new plan was set.

He thought that even splitting humans and letting them on the quest of finding their other halves can be reversed, once the lucky few does and live happily ever after. So he came up with random pairing; where eternal misery will be in order with no counteract. He agreed with Asteria-Zeus love interest at the time- to lure him in for one night before her escape plan as a quail as he knew their conflict was never about the sex. And she agreed.

As Zeus was indulging with Asteria and humans were busy coping with climate changes and the sudden lack of Dinosaurs, Jupiter made it to the ODNAL and randomly re assembled the double helixes, turning humans into Hesheits; every unit would consist of a he , a she and an it, in different proportions creating an immense amount of  inner struggle paired with confusion and a pint of self denial.

Ascending from oblivion , the once were complete humans, woke up aching all these aberrant cravings that they didn’t know how to handle or even express and as what is known to be the first case of a Consensus decision, they  suppressed any urges or instinctual needs that they thought inappropriate . Making sure to ridicule, defame and oppress who ever dare to speak about theirs. Prejudice and discrimination became a religious ritual and the words abnormal and sin became the closing of all arguments condescending to the post human epoch.

And while a Hesheit is wallowing in self hatred reading a book on how to achieve happiness by visualizing it and another is dreading the mirror for how misleading it has become, Jupiter and Zeus are drinking to mankind’s adversity with the latter planning his comeback to be in the year 2011.



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