Re: Mubarak speech !

I have never been more proud to be Egyptian , and from this prospect here is my reply as an Egyptian citizen that has been on the streets for nine days now and counting , to what Mubarak said yesterday.

1. he didn’t address me , or the millions of Egyptians that I am honored to share the streets with , he began his speech without any acknowledgement to us , the young people that constitutes 70% of the population , like it has always been , negligence is what he does best.

2. more the 300 Egyptians were killed by Egyptians over the past nine days ,let alone the injured and he didn’t even mention that.

3.saying that he never had the intention to rerun in the first place is one of the most provocative things he has ever said , first of all he is over 80 years old now , but implying on how ineffective what happened is , this is again unacceptable ,negligence what he does best.

4.Changes that he promised can in no way be accomplished in a seven months frame , moreover he has been promising almost all these things over the past eight years , so nothing new here

5.Given that we have a new government that will address people’s needs , during the glorious million march in EGYPT yesterday , the local governmental TV channels totally ignored it and kept on broadcasting misleading news , which proves that this government is still adopting same strategies of its predecessors .

6.he didn’t resign from the National Democratic Party , he didn’t say anything about his son , he didn’t say anything about the security breach that happened on Friday 28th.

7.he announces that police forces will be in place the following day and I assume the massacres taking place all around Egypt at the moment has proved that.

8.No guarantees what so ever for what he said , but his word.

I am not going to edit this piece , and may be in some time I will have more to say (if I was still alive), but as for now this is how I see it .


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