Happy New Year from Sydney, Australia!
Image by Leorex via Flickr

Dear 2010,

As you are coming to an end ,turning from a  wishful thought to a fading memory , I would like to thank you for  the bad times you gave me ,  the depression you bestowed upon me ,  the disappointments you showered me with and above all the reality check you offered me.

yes , I am really thankful and for once I am not being my sarcastic self , I really mean it. I was reborn ,for the first time in years I can proudly say I am , I totally know who I am , what I want and how to get it and it is all because of you ,I finally knew my self worth , my value and comfortably repeating the word “I”  coz I totally earned it .

So thank you and know that you will never be forgotten,  however what I started will end ,even it amounted for nothing ,you will always be when I get to be and not merely exist.

much love



2 thoughts on “2010

  1. Aalaa says:

    am not talking crafting am talking SPIRIT & MB!! u rock :DD
    although I would write it for 2009 and all the shit behind!! :))
    Never thought leaving bk things we are so attached to – or we think so- will give OURSELVES- our very selves- back & a WAY better life :))

    for the real You: “You never know “the no deal” approach might be the perfect way to start yourself off in the right direction”

    wish you a happy new year full w/ more of YOU 🙂

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