Fuck the System
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“It is on the 23rd of December ,2010 that the high commission of human behavior has decided according to your recurrent misconducts and recklessness to send you back to meet with the 14 years old you ,in an attempt to reason him a little bit ,which will hopefully leads to your reform”

As these words were uttered loudly in the court that day ,I didn’t know how to react ,especially with all the humming that was taking place by the attendees of the session,  followed by intensive clapping ,that one might think a cure for cancer has been found ,let alone the fact of how many times the sentence “I told you so ” was resonating in the hall.

I knew I had to oblige to the ruling , after all, I was the one who presented myself asking for a solution for my “messed up life” that everyone is talking about , and after weeks and weeks of discussions , I now have to travel back in time and meet the younger me ,as I was breathing in  the idea , I was as excited as a coked up Lindsay Lohan ,I think with the experience I have now and my foresight on how things are going to end , I can do a lot.

But what exactly should I be telling him  -the mini me- ,shall I tell him not to go to this party behind his parents’ back coz he will get busted and will be punished dearly for it  but it was too fun to be missed , or  shall I tell him to study harder , play more sports , or to shave this stupid incomplete mustache coz it  really looks  hideous in photos ,or maybe I will refrain him from buying that expensive gift to his soon to be ex girl friend and instead buy that leather jacket he wanted , but again that present lead to his first time with a girl and it will be quite memorable for him.

A lot of ideas were roaming in my head, a lot of scenarios that could have ended better ,with less heartbreaks and disappointments but again all what happened to the mini-me resulted in the now me and I love the now me too much to change any thing.

It was a mistake from the beginning ,listening to people and present in front of the council to discuss how messed up I am , simply coz I am not ,  I never planned on being the perfect citizen  ,  but now that I have to go anyways , I will just ask mini me to change the one thing I really regret happening , I will tell him to stop using that hair gel that ruined  my hair when I grew up and that is the one thing I can’t make sense out of .


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