Eleven weeks , 24 posts and 1,034 visitors later…

Australia Day Fireworks
Image by Sam Ilić via Flickr

There are some moments in life where one has to make a decision , a move ,a strong voice to claim their existence , every single day we are all offered this opportunity but most of the time we just let go for the sole reason of fear , no matter how many seemingly valid reasons we have for letting go of who we are , it is fear that holds us back.

I was offered an opportunity to dig deep in myself , to unravel my true passion ,my aim and my reason of being ,not sure that I have found all the answers but at least now I know  I am on the right track and sooner than expected I will find my true calling and know exactly why am I here , starting this blog was the first step of a long  process  of putting myself out there , be open for criticism and take responsibility of my own beliefs , ideas and actions.

It was on the 16th of September 2010 when I doubtfully started my blog not knowing if that was a right move and here I am eleven weeks and 1,034 visitors later enjoying the path I chose ,looking forward to see what comes next.

I would like to Thank YOU all for taking the time to read my posts , you have no idea how much it means to me when I receive your feedbacks , I can never be  grateful and thankful enough for that.




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