Thou hast durst…

Smoky Woods at Dusk
Image by tomswift46 (No Groups with Comments) via Flickr

“In the forest that no one may pass but you, everything will be at your beck and call, only if you dare to enter the land, where no one is going to claim credits for your accomplishments neither take a blame for your forfeits and no help can be attained, your opinion is the only valid asset and your vision is the sole creator”

My heart was pounding as those words were uttered in my head, the pulse in my brain was resonating the rapid beating in my heart, my breathing was getting harder and heavier and every cell in my body was electrified by anticipation and the thick dark painful fear crawling under my skin, but pain doesn’t hurt if it is all you have ever felt.

My whole body was protesting against the decision, shivers were taking over my body, when everything discontinued as if someone just pressed the pause button. My Lungs shut down so did the pain.

A tornado started around as if I was its pillar, changing my surroundings as I was standing still, I lost the sense of time and place when coldness  started to crawl up on me from  my bare feet as I stood on this smooth marble floor, it was dark all over except for flickering threads of lightning.

The strikes were shattered every time into tiny seeds welcomed by the marble floor that ceased to exist the moment it was touched by them and gladly turned into a fertile environment of picturesque bushes each with a halo showing how beautiful and prosperous they would grow to be .

The sight of the bushes was magnificently charming however   on a closer look many of the shrubs had stopped growing and were just ailing in silence. That inspiring aura around them was being conquered by coalescing black dots and the river that connected them stopped nurturing and channeled itself with full power to the newly seeded.

One particular bush had the most bewildering halo and I thought it would grow to be the most beautiful tree, when I noticed some scattered black dots that I tried to remove but I couldn’t keep up with their speed.  I was shouting and yelling until the same voice said “You can’t save the growth of your ideas by removing the doubts but you can increase the river flow to them if you believe enough, make sure that your passion will out stand your fears. Only then they will prosper to meet their destiny”


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