Little did I know !

sand mirror - espejo de arena
Image by Xavier Fargas via Flickr

I am becoming warmer and lighter , I can’t recognize the place I opened my eyes to, I am not in my  bed and this doesn’t look like any room I have ever been .I am in a circular structure whose walls are moving in and out rhythmically  ,with dark blue lines contrasting its pink hue, it looks like the inside of that bag they use for ventilation on Grey’s Anatomy.

I want to stand up but I can’t feel my legs or arms it is like they were never there, I feel like  a shapeless gushy like structure, but with no peripheries, I can see a vague drop of light at the end of this bag I am in, Am I dead, is this the light on the other side?

I can hear her voice around, it is not the pitch that   am used to, I am not even sure if I can call it a tone, it is like the sound in dreams where you hear voices without really hearing them, more like resonating thoughts that can be interpreted somehow.

She is thinking about me , she is worried where I am ,I tried to make a sound, shout or say something to prove my existence and assure her but every time I try my whole body starts trembling but no sound is produced

Suddenly everything is shaking and those bluish lines in the pink walls are moving towards me as I am rolled, pulled and pushed then squeezed out to a destination unknown.

As I am sliding out on what seems to be a smooth ground ,I can feel the light touching me  ,I can see her face, in my room’s mirror  ,she looks disturbed, I am shouting ,jumping and waving but all in vain , I push myself left and right as this is the only movement I am capable of ,to realize that I am that lonely tear sliding on her face.


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