As Sherein was opening the door to the coffee-house, she had this weird feeling, a feeling she couldn’t perceive at the moment, it was a mix of pride, confidence and fulfillment that made her feel so pretty and strong, at first she owed it to the new heels

she felt so pretty may be for the first time in her life she actually feels it that strong , she didn’t know if it was because of her new pair of heels or it was the decision she is about to make that is nourishing her confidence and this is what is reflecting on herself.

Haitham was there sitting on their usual table , having million thoughts of what made sherine call him in the middle of the day and insisting on meeting him immediately , as he saw her approaching him he sensed a vibe ,he never got before from her , here she was in a grey mini skirt and blazer that are fitting her perfectly and a red high-heeled shoes that are making her steps very defined.

They have known eachother for years and now they are engaged to be married in the summer, “every thing is working as planned ” so this sudden meeting is probably to discuss some furniture detail or may be to go again through the guest list of the wedding.

As she was infront of him , kissed him on his cheek and sat down and after ordering her coffee…

Sherein: I am not asking you to understand it , to love it or to help me with it ,all I am asking for is your support.

Haitham: ….. I don’t understand you , this is exactly what we have been dreaming about for the past 3 years and every thing is working as planned , why…

Sherien: I know it is , and that what is freaking me out , since we are together I can’t recognize myself anymore , I am so still , so content , no hopes or dreams other than you and no challenges to conquer , I lost my edge and I feel numb , it is like I am watching my life not taking part in it , no need to fight , no need to even think , this numbness is ….

Haitham; this is not numbness , this is love , if you feel too comfortable to worry or think of anything , that means you are inlove with me , you reached state of peace with your self and I did too , this is called inner peace.

Sherein; for me this feels like death , I can’t be like this no dreams ,I feel like I am high on something and this thing is You, this is how much I love you but it is not right, please understand me , this is a once in a life time opportunity and I feel that I owe it to myself to go and try .

Haitham : what about me , what if you succeeded and never wanted to be back , is this it , are you just leaving me …

Sherien: if I went there and loved it as you are saying and never came back then we were never meant to be together , and if you can’t accept the part in me that still wants to be someone , then you don’t love me enough.

Haitham : so what now , wanna put the wedding on hold for a year until you finish your scholarship.

Sherien: yeah , please and don’t make it harder on me , I …….

The sound of a door bell awaken sherien from that dream , it was 7 am already ,so she woke up from the bed where haitham was sleeping next to her , she went on to the calendar it was 22nd May 2010 , put on a veil on her head and went on to open the door , as she was opening a drawer to get some money , she found a letter she hasn’t seen in a while

” Dear Ms Abd alla

After going through your application for our art program and reviewing your art work , it is our great pleasure to have you in our art program in our premises for the year 2000-2001 . knowing that it is a fully paid scholarship including tuition fees , accommodation as well as a stipend for your daily allowances.

Kindly contact the Italian embassy in cairo to set a date to start the admission procedures.

Best Regards


The Academia of Arts, Venice ,Italy.

22nd May 2000


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