Coincidental Corruption Co operation

Are you this type of guy that thinks we live in a corrupted country (god forbids) or that everyday you are suffering frustration and disappointment simply because you don’t have the magical key that opens every single door, starting from reserving a tennis court at the club, not getting a speeding ticket while driving at 62 km\hr or even a job that you are totally entitled to get after all the work you have carried out .

Well if you are, then this is definitely not your thing to read because this space is for people who are glad, happy and thankful everyday for being born, raised and lived their whole life so far in this beloved corruption free country, how ever and only as limited time offer I will try to help you really understand what is going on here, first let us put some facts;

It happens that every time there is a lagna on el corniche or el tarei2 el sa7ely and many four numbered cars were driving above 140 km\hr and only you were trying to maintain your speed at 100 and of course u got the ticket and kissed your license good bye  while they didn’t, not because they called someone ,bribed the officer or even they are the delightful offspring  of a big guy but because these were surgeons that had to get into surgery to save lives endangered by speeders  like you so this zone is clear there is no corruption here.

It is a well known fact only in the Arab world {being pioneers in everything} that the D.N.A carries all the genuine traits of people so obviously you can see that all the staff of any company, bank ,……etc ,their friends or family having their sons working at the same place because they are all brilliant as their fathers ,mothers ,aunts ,uncles and neighbors and it applies to every other kind of job so again there is nothing wrong and it is an unfortunate coincidence that you worked your ass to work in a place that none of your family members or friends are working in ………….. So blame no one but your self for the wrong choice.

Ever tried to issue an ID  number or to renew your passport and your friend who happened to know someone who knows someone who knows someone who works there came with you in the same day finished his papers and got all he needed in 5 mins while this is your 6th day and you are still trying to make it through the Q ,again it is your fault that you didn’t ask your friend to help thinking you don’t need to, because all your papers were complete, So again it Is only yourself to blame

So bottom line it is always your fault either because you are short-sighted, ambitious, hard worker or arrogant that doesn’t ask for help so my advice for you,  is to change all this by logging on to : sign it and let everyone you know do the same ..

I wrote this article in 2006 ,and since now we do have an alternative to just leave the country ,I altered the end ,so be positive and use the opportunity we are given ,and remember we are not voting for a new president but we are asking for constitutional amendments that are more just.




One thought on “Coincidental Corruption Co operation

  1. Yusr Al Derini says:

    After yesterday’s speech, do you think there will be constitutional amendments? If yes, then congratulations you just got what you and I and many others have been wishing for. If no, then keep writing, you’re such a talented man =)

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